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Logo, página web y app para Calamoresca

What is SEO? Does my website need it?

Let's Google ... "What is SEO?": "It is a set of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a website in the Google results list ”.

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Instagram for Business

Branding: Isotypes, Isologotypes
& Logos.

A common query from our clients is: "What is each part of my logo called?" In this post we tell you what are the different possibilities when naming the components of a logo. This information will be useful for you to communicate fluently with your designer.

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Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business
Feed Design.

“My company’s profile looks homemade. How do I make it look professional? What content should I publish? How often?” These are our clients’ most frequent inquiries.

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Design System for the Week of Austria

Design System for the Week of Austria. Client: Austrian Embassy in BA.

In 2020, we had the gratifying experience of working on various projects with such an important government agency as the Austrian Embassy in Buenos Aires.

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Branding, Web, App Prototyping & Social Media

Branding, Web, App Prototyping & Social Media. Client: Reybaud Cycling.

In January 2021 Reybaud Cycling hired us to redesign their website. They had a poor aesthetic quality website made in Wix by themselves. The goal was to get new students for the school.

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Presentations in PowerPoint

High aesthetic level Presentations in PowerPoint.
Client: Sanofi Aventis.

Our client, a giant of the pharmaceutical industry, needed an interactive Brochure made entirely in Microsoft PowerPoint. The main goal was to have a beautifully designed piece that anyone at the office could edit without asking a designer for help.

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E-mail Marketing.

Within what is known as Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing is used to deliver e-mails to a specific data base. The key to properly use such powerful tool is based on the concept of hypertargeting which consists in sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Logo, Social Networks & WordPress

Logo, Social Networks & WordPress. Client: Roque López Fleming Real Estate

This type of project is one of the most frequently requested by clients. Small companies that need to update their logos, create their Social Networks Profiles and develop responsive Web Pages with high aesthetic impact.

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