Estudio Lovaglio

Corporate Identity

Even the largest companies need small logos.

(Tanner Christensen)


Branding is the trademark creation process; it is the strategy to be followed to discover the assets related to a commercial name and its logotype. Many factors take part in such process, and such factors must interact smoothly. Standing out is becoming increasingly difficult. The key lies in the power of the trademark as a distinguishing feature. Such differentiation is based on the clear identification of intangibles such as value, singularity and credibility.


A trademark is not a logotype; a trademark is all that people think of you, how they see you, which emotions you arise, and what people tell others about you. It determines the very essence of your company.


A logotype is a group of signs, letters, shapes and colors conveying the identity of a company or a product. First and foremost, it must be different from any other, easy to remember and simple. Less is more!