Estudio Lovaglio

Design of Feeds
& Business Profiles

for Social Media

Banners y Anuncios


Every communication piece of a company belongs to a single Visual Identity System. Each element is coherent with such system, thus allowing the viewer to identify a trademark quite effortlessly. The basic communication guidelines of a trademark must be respected; they are created at the time of the logotype design and remain as the grounds for such communication.


We design banners and ads in different formats so that you can use them in your Social Networks or to promote your business in other sites such as the Facebook Audience Network or the Display Network of Google AdWords. Your company may stand out from others of the same area by using short and long-term retention strategies.


90% of the information sent to our brain is visual. At Estudio Lovaglio, we design high impact images for Profiles and Home pages of our clients’ Social Networks. With the utmost respect for the Visual System of each client, we help them achieve a string and effective presence in every digital means.

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