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Social Ads

Social Ads

Within the possibilities offered by Digital Marketing, advertising in Social Networks (or Social Ads) is one of the most efficient resources to get clients and multiply your business sales. Such ads may vary largely depending on the platform where they are published. The most important platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

It is Facebook’s and Instagram’s advertising platform. It has an extensive advertising interface where advertisers have different options to promote their contents or to present their products and services. The advertising campaigns run within such networks, sites, and apps which belong to the Audience Network.


As Google Ads, such advertisements follow a pattern of cost per click, where the advertisers pay only if a user clicks the ad. The cost depends largely on the quality of such ads; therefore Estudio Lovaglio offers comprehensive solutions, from the logotype design and the full development of your website up to the creation of all the digital pieces of your Campaigns.

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