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Books & magazines Design

Layout of literary pieces

Constructive grid

An editorial piece consists of text and images, and designing means to organize the information in a coherent manner and to respect the spaces assigned to each element. It is important to work on the combination of such elements since they will result in a harmonic design. A constructive grid is formed by horizontal and vertical lines of reference (as well as diagonal lines) on a page. Titles, subtitles, texts, images and blank spaces co-exist on a page. No element may be added without carefully respecting the layout created by the designer.

Editorial Design

Editorial design is a branch of graphic design specialized in the layout and composition of publications such as books, magazines, journals, manuals, reports, brochures or any piece with text in it. Any publication which aims at telling a story or merely at communicating an idea needs editorial design. The typography is the core of this kind of graphic pieces and it allows us to shape our ideas. At Estudio Lovaglio we base communication on the careful handling of typography with a deep respect and care for the typographic sign.